Our Associates

Kevin Zeyen
Financial Planner, CFBS, CEPA
Indianapolis, IN

Kevin Zeyen

Kevin Zeyen is a Financial Planner with over 12 years of experience. He works closely with his clients, mostly families and business owners, to help them build, protect and achieve financial security.

Kevin helps his clients determine where they are today, financially, and works with them to establish their future goals. Kevin analyzes each client’s goal and creates a custom strategy that aligns with their path to financial success.

Kevin joined WestPoint in March 2013 and has concentrated his education and focus in the privately held business arena. He has earned his CFBS (Certified Family Business Specialist) designation in 2017, and his CEPA (Certified Exit Planning Advisor) designation in 2021.

Kevin lives in Indiana, he has 3 children and 1 grandbaby. He enjoys football, golf, and soccer.