Our Associates

Kevin Clasen
Financial Planner, CFP, CLU
Special Care Planner
Indianapolis, IN

Kevin Clasen

Kevin, who runs a thriving financial services practice in Indianapolis, was recruited into the financial services business 24 years ago while he was still in college. Trying to make ends meet, he juggled a job at a bank to supplement the fledgling business he was working on in the evenings. “I didn’t have much,” he recalls of those early days, “but I did have one thing, and that was a solid work ethic.”

The investment paid off. Over the past two decades, Kevin’s business has flourished as a result of his hard work and the referrals of satisfied clients.

Kevin is best known for the work he does with succession planning for closely-held businesses, and financial planning for families of special needs children. Kevin believes it is important to offer clients a comprehensive suite of financial planning services, investments, and insurance products and a team approach with years of expertise between them allows for just that.

Kevin has made a firm commitment to staying current in his field, and has obtained six professional designations to date. He feels the time spent on professional development is well justified. Kevin sees continuing education as a capital investment in his business, much like a factory owner purchasing a new piece of machinery. “In our line of work,” he says, “we provide value to our clients by investing in ourselves.”

Kevin and his wife Shelly devote a lot of their time to their church, since their daughters went off to college and they became empty nesters. In fact, Shelly serves as the mission’s director which has allowed her to travel the world and see remarkable places and meeting fascinating people. Kevin says, “I couldn’t be more proud of the work my wife and I do for the community, it is all about giving back.”

Kevin graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a degree in Business Administration. He and his family reside in Indianapolis, Indiana.