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Gary Tsoumas

Milwaukee, WI

Gary Tsoumas

Gary Tsoumas is a Partner with WestPoint Financial Group. He accepted the role in August 2019 to oversee the state of Wisconsin and provide top-level leadership, guidance and support for it’s advisors and teams.

Upon graduating from Miami University-Oxford with a degree in Public Administration and Finance in 1987, Gary started his career in the financial services industry as an Advisor. Since then, he has consistently shown his leadership ability and passion for helping other advisors as his career has grown into senior-level management roles.

Gary is a team-oriented individual who practices strong goal setting and accountability, both of which are necessary for a solid foundation to a financial services practice. He uses his experiences in the industry to mentor other Advisors and drive production and growth of the firm. Whether he is allowing an agent to shadow an appointment, helping his team set goals, or giving advice on a case, Gary maintains an effective flow of communication and is consistent in his management techniques. He strives to empower other advisors to serve their clientele to the best of their ability.

Gary’s commitment to serving others does not end with his work day. He is highly involved in his community and has a passion for working with students. Gary has been involved with Make-a-Difference Wisconsin, an organization that teaches financial literacy curriculum to high school students. He also coached youth baseball, basketball and volleyball. He is an active member of his church and has volunteered in the past as a Parish Council member, Development Chairperson, Planned-Giving Chairperson, Administrative Services member and other roles.

Outside of his career and community, Gary enjoys spending time with his friends and family attending Wisconsin sporting events, water sports, fishing and dining.