Why wait for graduation to begin your career? With our internship, you can get a jump-start on your future. Be a part of a program where your local community is your classroom and financial success is your grade.

Is it for me?

That depends. If you are interested in a clerically geared program that includes getting coffee, filing and making photocopies—this is not for you. Finding out what it takes to be a Financial Advisor, where you help others build a secure future is what this is all about. You will be well positioned to enter the financial services industry and hit the ground running with our internship. You will develop sales/consulting/business development skills through this program.

WestPoint Financial Group also financially supports obtaining your Indiana Life and Health Insurance license, which is a professional license needed to consult and sell insurance-based products. You may also have the opportunity to obtain your securities licenses (Series 6 and 63), which are professional licenses needed to consult and sell investment-based products.

What will I be doing?

During your time as an intern, you can expect a hands-on learning experience that builds the foundation for you to become a full-time Financial Advisor. As people become more sophisticated about their financial matters, they are looking for business professionals who possess the analytical skills and the market foresight to help them design long range strategies for achieving financial security. Whether it’s planning for a college education, designing a retirement strategy, funding for a new business venture or protecting a family’s quality of life, you’ll play an integral role in shaping people’s most important life decisions.

During the internship, you’ll develop relationships and learn essential business skills, which includes:

  • Prospecting/Marketing/Business Development
  • Setting Appointments/Meeting with Prospective Clients
  • Client Needs Analysis
  • Case Design/Recommendations/Monitoring Financial Strategies
  • Expanding Your Personal/Professional Network

Training Process

WestPoint Financial Group believes a structured training plan is the best format to build a solid foundation. During the internship program, you will be exposed to a diverse training curriculum:

  • Sandler Selling System® A professional selling system that will help you learn how to establish a relationship with a prospect, qualify a prospect and implement the solution.
  • In-house Product Specialists for each line of business: Life Insurance, Annuities, Disability Income, Investments, and Pension and Qualified Plans. These specialists are available to you for consulting on more complex cases that you might not be able to produce on your own.
  • Joint work with Product Specialists and Senior Advisors.
  • Weekly coaching with your assigned Mentor and Sales Manager.
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