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Collin Reatherford
Wealth Management Advisor
Peoria, IL

Collin Reatherford

Collin Reatherford is a Wealth Management Advisor and Financial Planner with WestPoint Financial Group.  He provides customized financial planning advice for each one of his clients based on their goals. Below is a little bit of insight for what it looks like to work with Collin.

Data and Discovery. Each person or family has a unique situation with a variety of goals they want to accomplish. This part of the process is to listen and understand your goals and aspirations personally, professionally, and financially. We will discuss topics that are most relevant to you such as planning for your kids college education, how much to fund your 401(k), at what age would you like to retire, how to be tax-efficient, when you should elect social security benefits, etc. Information and ideas will be discussed but the purpose of this meeting will be to get to know you.

Strategy and Design. This step will be done behind the scenes where Collin and his team will work on building a customized financial plan tailored towards the goals that were discussed in the first meeting. Each goal will be accounted for and taken into consideration as we build your financial plan. We will make sure your plan is flexible and can be altered in case of unexpected life events occur.

Preliminary Financial Plan. Collin will invite you back to the office to review the first draft of your customized financial plan. At this point, there may be some alterations you would like to make based on the analysis provided. We will review each area of financial planning and any potential weaknesses or blind spots and make recommendations accordingly. This part of the discussion, we would invite you to provide feedback and have an open discussion on any changes you feel are necessary.

Final Financial Plan and Implementation*. By this part in the process, you will have a very clear vision of where you stand in relation to your goals. Based on the financial plan, Collin will have a checklist of areas to consider for improvement (for example: tax diversification, required minimum distributions, life insurance needs, long term care needs, etc.). He will help guide you on how to take action with a step-by-step to do list for short term and long term goals for each area of your financial plan.

Relationship and Review. Collin takes great pride in building relationships with his clients. Trust and transparency are key elements to his practice. Our goal is to meet and review with you at least annually. We know not only will your personal life change from year to year, but also economic factors are constantly changing.

Areas of Strength: Retirement Income Planning, Tax Planning Strategies, Portfolio Construction, Various Insurance and Estate Planning

Community Involvement: Collin is a member of various organizations within the Peoria community.  Collin is a member of Young Professionals Group of Peoria (YPGP), which is associated with the Chamber of Commerce of Peoria. The goal of YPGP is to help develop the emerging young professionals of Peoria to become leaders in the community. Collin also enjoys volunteering his time with Big Brothers Big Sisters, where he serves on the Leadership Board as well as a Big Brother himself, mentoring young kids and teenagers to help them realize their potential and build their futures.


* Financial plan recommendations can be implemented with the advisor of your choosing. Implementation of specific products or services may result in commissions or fees outside of the financial plan fee. Periodic reviews of your financial plan may require a new planning agreement and result in additional fees.

CA Insurance License # 4027340

State of Domicile: IL