Dan Baldwin Appointed as Chief of Financial Planning

June 18, 2024

We are excited to announce Dan Baldwin‘s new role as Chief of Financial Planning. This addition to the WestPoint ecosystem advances our 2030 vision of integrating holistic financial advisory with a steadfast focus on our protection core.

Dan leads our Financial Planning Department, providing advisors with essential resources and customized plans to achieve optimal client solutions. His deep understanding of our WPFG resources enhances team collaboration, empowering advisors to develop and implement actionable steps within a continuous financial planning model.

WestPoint is thrilled with the growth and development of our Financial Planning Department, expanding expertise to strengthen our “best in class” focus.

“WestPoint is lucky to have the talent of Dan Baldwin leading our Financial Planning Department. His expertise in plans, software, client engagement, and keeping our department ahead of peers is a key differentiator that sets us apart in the industry.”

Paul Tokarz, Partner

Please join us in congratulating Dan on his new role!