Financial Education at Fortville Middle School


Indianapolis, IN (March 6th, 2019) – WestPoint Financial Group and the MassMutual Foundation celebrated students in the Indianapolis community who participated in a digital financial education course at Mt. Vernon Middle School. The unique FutureSmartSM digital curriculum was custom-made for middle schoolers and is available at no cost to schools nationwide in English and Spanish.

During the event, volunteers from WestPoint Financial Group brought course concepts to life for middle school students through a series of interactive activities to help students further apply lessons learned in the digital course to their everyday lives. The event closed with a Scholarship Award of a $1000 529 Savings Plan to one participating student.

Greg McRoberts, Managing Partner of WestPoint Financial Group, reflected on the experience, saying, “We were honored to be a part of the FutureSmart Field Day at Mt. Vernon Middle School. It was astonishing to hear what these incredible kids already knew about financial topics. We could truly see the impact that the FutureSmart course has had on these kids, in growing their financial knowledge. Financial Literacy is critical in our adult life, yet many still struggle with this – what a wonderful program to help these kids get a head start on crucial topics.”

The FutureSmart Digital course equips middle schoolers with critical financial skills – from budgeting, to setting career goals, to understanding wants vs. needs. Supporting this knowledge development is at the core of the MassMutual Foundation’s mission. The need to improve financial literacy in young people is underscored by recent research released by the MassMutual Foundation. Young Americans between the ages of 25-40 were asked five basic financial literacy questions from the FutureSmart Digital program. Only 17 percent of respondents answered all five questions correctly.

Since 2014, more than 1.3 million students have benefitted from the MassMutual Foundation’s FutureSmart Program. In particular, students in Indiana have seen knowledge gains of 82%.

To learn more about the FutureSmart course – visit This website features information on the program and allows educators to request it at their school.